Only two days left: 5th World Usability Day in Zurich


There are only two days left until World Usability Day (WUD) ’09 starts in Zurich. It’s getting busy in the Swiss UPA organisation, and we have some last minute bits of information to share with you.

The number of people who signed up using the online registration process was beyond our expectations. We have therefore extended the floor space to allow for more participants. Here is the link for last day registration:

As of now, there are five open slots for additional registrations. In case you want to bring a friend along, your friend can still register until all slots are occupied.

We offer a special discount for all Internet Briefing members (30 CHF instead of 50 CHF). Please mention this in your registration.

Registration on Thursday begins at 1:00 PM, and it is likely that there will be queues. So it’s important that you make sure you arrive on time. We wouldn’t want you to miss a second of Dr. Alireza Darvishy’s fantastic keynote!

For the fist time, there are (4) journalists attending the WUD in Zurich, and pictures will be taken to be displayed on the Internet to commemorate the event. Thus, please let us know during registration if you do not wish to have photos of yourself published on the Internet.

After the conference we will host our famous WUD Apéro with tasty food and drinks. The WUD Apéro starts at 7:15 PM in the Foyer. It’s an excellent way to meet fellow attendees and celebrate the world-wide event.

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Swiss UPA /Brannen Usable Brands

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